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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012


Among famous cities in Vietnam, Hue is unique. It is a beautiful, quiet and relaxing city, rich in nature, architecture and art.

Ngu Binh Mountain

Situated 3 km away from the royal city, Ngu Binh Mountain is one of the top natural attractions in Hue. Its scenic beauty has been recognised for centuries since King Gia Long founded the capital of Nguyen Dynasty here. The mountain was also considered a massive wall protecting the royal city, hence the name “Ngu Binh” (the defending wall). Lying 103 metres above the sea level, Ngu Binh Mountain offers fabulous views over the historical palaces, the poetic Perfume River, the tranquil countryside and stretching out further to the imposing Truong Son range and the blue South China Sea.

Perfume River
A Hue holiday is incomplete without a boat trip on the romantic Perfume River, which gracefully winds around vast mountains, hills, gardens and flows its way through the historical city. The poetic river boasts sparkling water that changes colors dramatically from sunrise to sunset. Tourists usually come here in the evening to dine on one of the dragon imperial boats while enjoying Nha Nhac (royal music) and contemplating flower garlands and colored lanterns. Together with Ngu Binh Mountain, Perfume River is a commonly-known symbol of Hue.

Lang Co Bay
Lang Co Bay, about 70 km south of Hue Royal City and 30 km north of Da Nang, is one of the three most beautiful bays in Vietnam. After Ha Long and Nha Trang, it has been eventually recognized one of the world top bays. Right at the foot of the grandiose Hai Van Pass, Lang Co offers alluring postcard vistas of distant mountains, green forests and blue sea. It also boasts soft white sand, sparkling water and complete seclusion, the very best conditions for an ideal beach getaway.
Bach Ma National Park

Another attraction in Hue is Bach Ma National Park, one of the biggest and richest natural conservation areas in Vietnam. With steep mountains and dense forests, it is home to an abundant heritage of flora and fauna, including several endemic and rare species. This is especially a great hideaway to escape the heat of the city.

Hue in festival season
Hue Festival is one of the most important events of Vietnamese tourism. Every June, millions of visitors rush to Hue to join this grand festival. There are many interesting performances, exhibitions and cultural exchange activities with the participation of a great number of local and international artists/performers. That is the reason why June is the finest yet most crowded month to visit Hue.

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